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October 1999

1999 was the first year I exclusively used fly fishing gear for muskies.

Being a novice probably helped the me, the Pondmonster. Not tethered by the common theories, experimenting with every aspect of the pursuit, I ran into an older fisherman at the end of October on the Namekagon River.

He was casting bucktails for muskies. Seeing my flyrod, he assumed I was trout fishing. I stated; no, that I was actually fishing for muskies. He then proceeded to tell me about his lack of success over 30 years of fishing for muskies. In spite of his efforts he had never landed a musky. He didn’t believe that I had already caught 82 muskies during that year on the flyrod. Many of them were over 40 inches. I showed him pictures on my digital camera.

My immediate reaction was, if I had fished unsuccessfully for 30 years I would make some changes.

This is what flyfishing for muskies is about, making changes, pursuing this great fish from a different perspective.


- Pondmonster

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